How to Fix the Ear Loop Adjuster of Your Mask

Have you ever noticed someone whose mask seems to be dropping from their nose’s tip and murmured to yourself- “Hey! Remove that mask! It’s hardly doing you any good”.

In the present scenario, this is a common sight. After all, finding the right mask is not an easy job. You need to know about the cloth mask’s filtration efficiency and several other factors before buying it. Adjustable ear loops top the list. They are a savior! After all, they help you wear your face cover comfortably while providing the protection you need. However, at times, they too need some attention from your end.

There can be two cases when you need to fix ear loop adjuster. First is when you buy a non-adjustable face cover and its ear loops become too loose. In such a scenario, you have to either forsake your safety for a mask that creates a gap between itself and your skin or you need to pull it up repeatedly. Both these cases defeat the purpose of wearing the face cover in the first place.

The second situation when you might need to fix your mask’s ear loop adjuster is when it accidentally comes off while adjusting the loop.

Let’s help you fix your adjuster yourself.

For easy illustration, refer to this video



Things You Need: A u- shaped paper clip

  1. Step 1- Take a paper clip. Straighten its u-folds as much as possible, as if you are opening the folded pin.
  2. Step 2- Now bend it from one side to create a simple u-shape, one side being small and the other side considerably bigger.
  3. Step 3- Pass this u-shaped pin through your mask’s ear loop, so the steepest place holds the mask’s loop.
  4. Step 4- Grab a rubber stopper grommet. Insert its wider opening through the long end of the pin.
  5. Step 5- Push it down the pin and pass it through the shorter side as well when the stopper reaches it. Your mask is fixed! It was that easy!

Is it worth to fix my mask?

    You might wonder whether you should fix your mask or consider buying a new one. Well, it depends on the time you have been using it for. If it is new and you have removed the grommet by mistake, you can consider fixing it with this simple technique. It takes less than a minute and is worth improving your droopy mask.

    However, you should buy a new mask if you have been using it for long.

    Now that your mask is fixed wear it comfortably. To make your mask wearing experience all the more cozy, check out our Mask Catcher Lanyard perfect for occasions when you want to take your mask on and off frequently. Browse if you want to take the burden off your ears and keep your face cover close to you all day long.