KN95 Mask Variety 3-Pack

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Our Certified KN95 Masks

Puraka’s KN95 Mask is foldable, easy to store and can adapt well to the wearer’s facial features. These masks are made of comfortable, soft, breathable materials and are easy to adjust. Optional ear grommets are included to customize the fit, in addition to a hook which converts the ear straps to a head strap, plus a padded nose-piece for increased comfort. When used as instructed, this respirator can reduce 99%+ of particles such as dirt, dust, vehicle exhaust, ultra-fine aerosols, pollen, pollution, PM2.5, PM10 and other airborne particulate matter. These respirators are tested to the same fit, filtration and breathability standards as N95 masks by SGS, one of the world's top respiratory testing laboratories.

About our KN95 Masks

  • Exceeds 99% filtration using N95 / F3502 performance testing
  • Extends under the chin for better fit and performance
  • Adjustable ear straps for near-universal sizing
  • Nose clip and padding for improved seal and less fogging of your glasses
  • Seamless, non-valved design safe for others

Inner-layer  Protective inner layer of breathable, moisture-resistant polypropylene

Cotton Lightweight but tightly-woven 100% cotton shell

Fitted Extends under the chin for better fit and performance

Ear-Strap Adjustable ear straps for near-universal sizing

Nose-clip Nose clip for improved seal and less fogging of your glasses

Filter Pocket Rear pocket accommodates optional carbon pm2.5 filter

Seamless Seamless, non-valved design safe for others even without a filter

We Know Masks | Puraka was founded in 2018 in Seattle, Washington, originally offering fabric masks to protect against wildfire smoke pollution. In 2020, we joined the ASTM subcommittee that developed the national standard for protective face coverings, F3502, in collaboration with the CDC's NIOSH division. Our masks are tested in North American laboratories to ensure they exceed the minimum filtration levels. In short, we have the experience to know how to make a great mask, and what to look for in a filter.

More Filtration, Less Discomfort | Puraka Masks are designed to offer everyday protection suitable for active or casual use. A Puraka Mask with our laboratory-tested electrostatic filters is engineered to block airborne particulates in the critical fine-aerosol range significantly better than most cloth masks, but with less inhalation resistance and corresponding heart strain than a typical medical respirator.

Our In-Stock Guarantee | A mask is not something you should have to wait for. Every product in our store is ready to ship from one of our U.S. fulfillment centers,usually within one business day or less from when you place your order. We offer free shipping on any order of two or more masks, or you can upgrade to USPS Priority or First Class for just $5!

meltblownMeltblown Fabric

Composition by Weight: 40%

Characteristics: High quality meltblown fabric is the most important part of a particulate filter. Non-woven fibers act as a physical barrier against airborne micro-particulates while also providing an electrostatic barrier effective against fine aerosols in the sub-micron range.

spunbond Spunbond Fabric

Composition by Weight: 40%

Characteristics:Spunbond is a non-woven fabric that filters out larger particles, while providing structure to the inner meltblown layers.

Activated Carbon Activated Carbon Fabric

Composition by Weight: 20%

Characteristics: Activated carbon fabric traps particles via a process called adsorption, and also serves as an antibacterial and deodorizer.