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Our newest and updated collection is a better-engineered barrier face mask with filter pocket, creating a higher level of comfort, breathability, and protection. 

They're perfect for front-line workers, teachers, care providers, children, parents, grandparents, and practically anyone else looking for the highest quality protection.

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Our parents and teachers love Puraka masks! They properly fit all our age ranges from our littlest ones in Nursery to our adult staff. Everyone loves the 100% breathable cotton, 3 layer masks with filter pockets. The adjustable nose bridge, ear loops, and choice of child or adult sizing creates a comfortable and secure fit. 

Stacey Bailey

I love my Puraka mask. Great fit, comfortable, breathable, multiple filtration layers, PM2.5 filters, and pretty stylish to boot. Everyone in my family owns at least one Puraka mask. We love that these come from Seattle, our family's hometown. Puraka has been around for awhile, providing masks to protect against the smoke from Western states' fires. Best protection you can get (just) short of an N95 mask, which we need to keep for our frontline healthcare workers!

Scott B

I love my Puraka masks! I had been looking for a mask which would be protective with a filter and filter pocket and would also fit well. So I was so happy when I found these and they fit well, with the added bonus of being made in the USA, in Seattle. The fit is exceptional, the adjustable nose piece and ear loops really make them so they fit well on my face and are comfortable to wear

Kimberly D

I'm back at work and took a couple photos of the Puraka mask "in the wild". I may have mentioned, I'm an essential worker. I work at a small food manufacturing plant. I wear the mask about 10 hours a day. The filter lasts me all 4 days I work. We have had 3 separate Covid outbreaks at our facility so feeling safe to go to work is very important to me and my family.

Ranna M

Not only is this mask super adorable. It's also the best mask I've found on the market. On the inside, you'll see this little pocket, and it has this little chin guard so the mask stays on nice and snug. Oh, and the wire on the nose. My favorite!

Nina M

Puraka is a local, Seattle based small business selling some really good quality masks! I know the last thing we ever expected this year was to be shopping for fashionable face masks, but here we are!😅I love the adjustable straps they've created, because the size small masks fits both myself and [my daughter]! They have tons of prints to choose from and are very reasonably priced🙌🏻

Olivia M

I just got my new Puraka mask!! I took this picture earlier before going to work today. The grocery store, where I work on the weekends, was extraordinarily busy. I wore this mask for over 8 hours. I was very comfortable and could breathe easily. Thank you Puraka for keeping me safe!P.S. I wear a blue apron and this mask looked so pretty with it!

Wendy L
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